Monday, June 30, 2008


Hi there! thanks for stopping by to read my blog. the aim i have in writing this is to inspire through example. i have just started my own personal journey to achieve what i know i can. the title of my blog may seem a little wanky but i chose it for two reasons. first i feel like this is what i was born to do. second i despite having climbed for some 4 years i really feel that im just discovering what it is i really desire, to be in the mountains testing myself.

i have decided what i want to do with this stage of my being. i want to train hard to become an alpinist. i feel there is so much i can achieve if i put my mind to it. peaks in alaska, new routes in the Himalaya, Patagonia. all these things cry out to me with a voice that cant be silenced. so here i am. last night i started training again. with two weeks off since i got back from yosemite im psyched. i feel weak but then thats the point of training! i have two and a half months till the next trip, New Zealand. time enough.