Monday, July 14, 2008

Rainy Days

Tasmania in winter can be a miserable time. Today was meant to bring in some cash for the next trip but the rain had other things to say! having just got back from the US im broke, up to my eyeballs in debt and still waiting for the weather to improve so i can paint a roof and get rich! so the logical thing to do is head to Mt Buffalo next week for some winter walls! I've dreamed for a while of climbing on the North Wall, particularly the classic Ozymandias (270m, 28 Free, or A2). i had thought of doing a solo trip this winter but when i suggested it to my mate Jed, he was eager beaver! so we're off next week for a whirlwind 11 day trip, fingers crossed it doesnt rain (too much anyways!)

being back living with the parents has its ups and downs. i told them i was heading away, "what! i didnt think you had any money!". well i dont have heaps but a few weeks of work has given me enough. having a maxed out doesn't ever have many advantages. unfortunately for me its hard to earn heaps of money in winter here. usually im on a roof and the rain and mist usually has other ideas. so considering winter climbing is what drives me i thought what better thing to do in winter than go climb! like DMM say, "climb now, work later".

so the rough plan (plans always change!) is to drive up to the ferry next weekend, hopefully we'll be at buffalo on the sunday. from there we have 7 climbing days. im hoping this is enough for two routes but thats best case! first up is Ozy, im still thinking about trying it in a single push. not having to haul and short-fixing could save so much time! climbing in the cold and dark would be awesome! im thinking Holden Caulfield (A3) looks pretty cool, a bit harder and takes some exposed terrain. it would be good to do that over two nights, having a night in the portaledge. ive never used the ledge in the cold/wet so it would be good experience!


dean said...

psyched! you boys will smash it!
are you gonna climb together, or as a pair of soloists?
have fun.

Jake said...

how cool would that be. in a push both soloing!!!!
have fun.