Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"But theres no river in ross?!"

So I’ve been having a few health woes lately. For everyone who hasn’t heard, I’ve contracted Ross River Virus. Eeeek! This is a mosquito borne virus that’s not contagious now I have it, so don’t worry! The symptoms are very flu-like some days, while also getting tired much easier than usual. The worst of it however is the achy sore joints. All through my hand the joints ache doing menial tasks. I can barely use a knife and fork on anything tough! My legs feel it too. My knees and ankles are feeling quite stiff, like after a massive run. So how long should this last? The doctor said 2-4 weeks but I’ve heard from a few people up to a couple of months isn’t too uncommon.

So now I get to deal with the fact I cant climb, run or do much of anything active. Its such a frustrating thing for someone usually so active. But with the frustration injuries and illnesses bring, there’s also opportunities. Its all too easy to get your self into negative thought patterns. Lord knows I haven’t been the happiest little camper lately. But with the realisation of now being the time to work on mental aspects of myself, comes a great freedom. Now I have to stop and take stock of where my head is at, with out the ability to go and hide behind physical activity. It’s allowing me to focus on concepts and breathing exercises I learnt last time I was out with injury.

I’m very lucky that there’s heaps of work available to me in the next few weeks that’s not physical. So next week I’m jumping in my van and doing a solo road trip from Melbourne, through the ACT up to Sydney on a two and a half week(may get extended) trip working the whole way. I’m doing safety inspections so it wont be too demanding on my body.. There’s just a lot of drive-time by myself so hopefully I can find some interesting hitch-hiker or back-packer to share the journey with.

Also in news to hand I just enrolled yesterday at Drysdale(TAFE) to do my Multi-Pitch Guide qualification. With new leadership in the ranks it will be good to finish this off without all the previous hassles the TCIA have thrown at me.

So unfortunately I’m not going to be doing anything too grand and amazing in my climbing anytime soon. But I’m keeping my mind open to a few concepts and ideas that have been developing lately. So ill keep writing and posting here to keep myself sane and to get some words out there for all to ponder.

Take care friends and climb on!!!


Andrew said...

Sorry to hear that you're ill matey. Hopefully it's only a brief thing.

grug said...

happy little camper eh?
hope you find a euro back-packer to share your van and "safety inspections"...